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Buy Cheese Online

Are you looking for a place to buy cheese online? How about the Old Amsterdam Cheese Store. This store, which is a well-known name in the Netherlands, now has a webshop. The cheese they sell is always fresh and they offer worldwide shipping.


Have you been to Holland and tried the true Dutch cheese? Then there’s a big chance you want to experience this taste at home as well. Now this is possible! No matter where ‘home’ is, you can always eat the true Dutch cheese due to the webshop of the Old Amsterdam Cheese Store. You can buy your cheese online and they ship it worldwide against great shipping ranges. You can look your shipping ranges up at their website. All the cheeses will be packed to contain the quality during shipping. In strong cardboard boxes and with cool packs. When it arrives at your house, it will taste like you just bought it at the store.

Different types of cheese

In the webshop of the Old Amsterdam Cheese Store you can buy different types of cheese. Ofcourse there’s the famous Old Amsterdam Cheese, but there is also Gouda Cheese, Sheep cheese and Goat cheese. Not just cheese for bread, but also little cubes as a snack or gift packages with three kinds of cheese. Whatever you want; they will have it. Curious what the shipping range will be? Fill in your destination country at this page and find out!

If you are looking for a place to buy cheese online, order it at the Old Amsterdam Cheese Store. Fresh Dutch cheese, delivered right by your door. Whether you live in Holland or in Australia; you will receive a package with fresh cheese at the door.